Friday, July 13, 2018

Stay cool, blues lovers

IT'S ANOTHER ROCK and roll summer weekend in the Q-Town. The talented Zeke Cernea plays at noon today in Washington Park, and local band Soul Shaker is in the Washington Park gazebo for Blues In The District tonight.

It's gonna be hot - be careful with those adult beverages and drink plenty of water. Much of the park is in the shade and hopefully we'll have a decent breeze to cool things down as the shadows lengthen. We'll be on the sidewalk, though we might wait for the shade to creep over Fifth Street.

Pepper Spray

We'll try to keep cool Saturday afternoon at QU Stadium - Pepper Spray is playing from 4 to 6 p.m. for the Quincy Gems beach party. And Sunday night from 7 to 10, Cori Lyssy and I host an acoustic jam session at The Club Tavern in Quincy. Matt Roberts Blues Band normally does Sunday nights but they are out of town doing a show, so Cori and I are excited about hanging out at The Club.

As always, stay cool and laugh if you can. This woman did. And I couldn't stop laughing with her, either. Cheers to another great weekend!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Ceilings, water and more water

WE HAVE A new tenant on our second floor. But that means old problems become new again.

Last winter we turned on the second-floor furnace and a few days later water started dripping out of the ceiling on the east end of our music store. Thankfully we caught it in time, moved the instruments, turned the furnace off, and called a plumber to check it out.

Of course the plumber couldn't find anything. The condensation from the HVAC unit on the second floor goes into the last remaining 1896 marble sink. We figured it must be a pipe leading from the sink, so we gave up and forgot about it. The ceiling has water stains from years ago, so it's likely been an issue for a while. Funny, though - when we first fixed up the second floor space and the HVAC was used, it didn't leak.

Last week we rented space to a young man and he's renovating the space. It will be way cool. To stay way cool, the air conditioning is on. And .... yup. More leaking. We've got a temporary solution - the condensation pipe is now draining into a big bucket. Yes! More trips up to the second floor to drain buckets! I really miss going into the second-floor crawl space every time it rains, but I guess that's what a new roof does for you.

Fortunately it doesn't go into the Electric Fountain Brewing. Unfortunately, we need to fix it. So Monday morning, Ted Johnson and his crew are coming over to take down the ceiling. Wednesday, a plumber arrives to check the pipes. It will be messy and expensive. We've removed everything from that area, even propped up the stage onto the wall.

It's OK. It's an old building. We understand the challenges. Anybody out there want to buy some nice guitars so we can afford it? Doesn't work that way, unfortunately. So we'll tough it out and get it done.

Drip, drip, drip. That's the sound of our old building. It's not always music to our ears.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The watch that won't die

WE ALL HAVE things we treasure and want to keep. They aren't really worth that much, but they have personal value, more than anything.

About 12 years ago, I was walking down the Lake Michigan beach near my Uncle Peter and Aunt Helen's house, halfway between Saugatuck and Holland. I looked down and saw an Eddie Bauer watch sticking out of the sand. It was in the tide and the waves were crashing over it, another minute or two it would have been covered up and probably lost forever.

The watch was ticking and set for Central time, meaning it likely belonged to one of those BIPs (Bleeping Illinois Persons) from across the lake. Somebody probably went swimming and it either fell off or was knocked off, or maybe it was just thrown from a boat. Who knows? It worked and I loved it and started wearing it.

Still ticking!
A few years ago it quit working. I took it to Dame & Hurdle down the street and they put a new battery in it, but it quit again. So I bought another watch. For some reason, I didn't throw the Eddie Bauer watch away.

The watch is a reminder of walking the beach. On Ebay they are going for $65, so it's not about the monetary value.

I bought a different watch from Dame & Hurdle and liked it a lot. But it grew legs and disappeared recently - I think it might have been at the Cape Girardeau Gus Macker. I felt a little naked without a watch, so the other day I rummaged through a desk drawer and found the old Eddie Bauer.

I took it to Dame & Hurdle. They put another battery in it. And now it's ticking away like nothing ever happened, as if to say, "I've been here the whole time, you big silly. Put me on your wrist! I make you look cool! Well, just kidding. I don't work miracles, you know."

Time to keep track of time again, Eddie. Thanks!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The things we hear at SSM

THERE IS NO such thing as a bad question or comment when you come into Second String Music. A lot of people are intimidated about buying a guitar or seeing if we have certain items. It's like going to the hardware store - I'm completely lost, and unless the clerk is friendly and looks like they want to help, I'm not going there again.

But you know you are about to embark on an adventure in a music store when hearing the following:

"Well, I don't play guitar, so I'm sure you can't help me."

"Are you the owner or do you just work here?"

"Are there any other music stores in town?"

"I bought this online and now it doesn't work."

"Do you have spare parts for a 1973 Electromatic self-tuning ebow bridge?"

"You don't have records anymore? When did you stop selling records?" (Answer: About two years ago)

"It has to have 24 frets. I can't even try anything with less frets."

"It would be great exposure if your band could play at our benefit."

 "Do you give kazoo lessons?"

"I'll be back to put a down payment on it next week." (hahahahahahahahaha)

"Why don't you fix the elevator?"

"If I owned your building I'd turn it into apartments."

"Is this the coffee shop? Can I just go through that door to get there?"

"I love the door that leads right into the coffee shop!"

"It must be a pain to take the cat home every night." (hahahahahahahahaha)

"I love your dog (Angus). Can I take him home?"

"Why are you begging me to take your cat home instead?"

It is always an adventure owning a small business or even owning an old historic building. We have challenges every day,  but our customers are the best. We love you all!

Friday, July 6, 2018

Rock, no blues, tonight!

BET YA A dollar we have a few people show up at Washington Park tonight for Blues In The District. It's been two weeks since the last one and music-lovers think Blues is every other week.

Tonight in Washington Park!
Nope. Blues In The District is the second and fourth Fridays of June, July and August. That means we are in the midst of a three-week break. The Quincy Park District smartly stepped in and now we have three bands playing on the off weeks, starting with last Friday's Raised On Radio show in Washington Park.

The Cheeseburgers play tonight. And it won't be 100 degrees! And there will be shade! And we aren't on a rickety flat-bed trailer for a stage! Heaven! WIN! Remember, we all have to pitch in to Make America Grate Again.

It's going to be a tick over 80 degrees, the humidity is down and there is a ton of shade in the park. And ... you can bring a cooler. Please behave. Or don't, we are fine with not behaving.

Anyway, let's rock the park and have ourselves a beautiful Friday night in downtown Quincy, and we look forward to local band Soul Shaker playing next Friday for Blues In The District.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Cleaning an old building

SECOND STRING MUSIC was closed Wednesday in observance of July 4. Or, more accurately, we took glorious naps and I played with the Cheeseburgers at a very warm LaHarpe fireworks show. It was nice to have a day off, but today is Thursday and it feels like Monday, and tomorrow is Friday and we get to do it all over again with another rock and roll weekend.

So what did we do yesterday morning, with the temperatures already in the 90s and the humidity the same? We cleaned the second and third floors of our historic downtown building. Smart, right? Sheryl came up with all kinds of devious ways to induce sweat and it was nasty, grimy, filthy and sweat-soaked hell. Very satisfying.

We've got a new renter coming in on our second floor, so it had to be done. We swept up probably three years of dust and dirt, especially from the roofers who were in and out in May. We mopped floors. I vacuumed like a maniac. We moved a bunch of stuff from the hallways, and along the way I found historic Second String Music items like the scaffold used at our fifth anniversary guitar smashing, and Frank Haxel's beer can bowling contraption. No worries - they are safe and sound, ready for the next round of anniversary silliness.

Speaking of anniversaries, it's been almost exactly six years since we moved from Eighth and Washington. Geesh, the memories .... Bill Calkins stopping traffic on Eighth Street so we could move Alan Lawless' "Great White Buffalo" truck, and all the people who pitched in. Sheryl spent an entire Saturday night packing, and I remember after we got everything over here collapsing in a heap and wondering if we'd make the right location decision. I think it took her six weeks to unpack it all while Frank installed slotwall and built lesson room. Aaaaahh the good old days.

Obviously, it's worked out.

It's nasty work, cleaning an old building, but it felt good to be done and it's definitely better up there. That's the thing about cleaning - you hate doing it and it's a giant pain, but it's worth it. We are also making plans to clean and paint the exterior of the building, just the first floor. We have put off that task for way too long.

Cleaned up and cleaned out. Hopefully we won't have to do it again for a while.