Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I'm A Bad Dog Walker.

Bella's sweet smile.
I HAVE BEEN walking my dogs around my Calftown block for four years. I've never had problems, until recently.

Last week, early in the morning, a young punk was walking at 10th and Washington and was startled by the dogs. He wasn't happy. He called me names. When I started walking toward him to apologize and assure him they were just coming up to say hello, he got even madder.

I won't waste more ink on him. Idiots shouldn't take up your time.

Bella, the dumb black Lab mix, is always on a leash. Usually Lucy strolls right beside me. Tucker is a work in progress, but sometimes he and Bella can be trouble makers in the alley. They love to chase the squirrels, but again, they have never bothered anybody.

Last night a neighbor down the alley complained because Lucy was sniffing her trash. "Get off my property. This is private property!" she bellowed.

Of course she has a yippy little dog in her fenced-in yard that I can hear clear down the alley, while in my house.

"Very sorry. Can't hear you. Your dog is too loud," I said.

That made her even more red in the face and sputtering, and she may have said more nasty things. But I couldn't hear her and I walked away.

Look. I understand how dogs can upset people. And if you don't know my dogs, yes, I understand you would be cautious. I can tell you they are great dogs and very friendly and will probably lick you to death, but never harm you.

So the next time Ms Anti-Trash Sniffer gets mad at me, maybe I'll put myself on a leash and sniff it myself. And maybe I'll ask her politely to put a muzzle on her annoying little yippy, yappy dog.

Nah. I'll just keep walking.

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