Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Planting a Calftown Kingdom tree

WE JUST PLANTED a pear tree in the backyard. While I was digging the hole, our lab Bella grabbed the tree and started playing with it. Sheryl came up and asked, "Where did the tree go?" and then we found Bella gnawing on it too. That is how she got her name "Bella the Destroyer".

Thank you Bella. Again.
So there will be a mark in the bark. A Mark In The Bark. Sounds like a great name for an album or book. "She gave the pith of the bark some breathing room," Sheryl says. "Just like the other trees in our yard."

Sheryl will plant a garden. I will have fun watching her. It's hard to smoke a stogie AND watch other people do manual labor, but I will do my best.

Our backyard looks a lot different from five years ago, when we bought the house. Gone is a nasty sweet gum tree, lots of Tonka toys, a rock garden and 10 different weeds. We planted an oak tree (one that doesn't produce the helicopters) and fixed up the fence. There are blueberry and chokeberry bushes along the back fence. We are down to nine weeds. The place is looking better and better, and this summer I will enjoy sitting in the backyard after a long day at the store, or on Sunday, our one day off.

Ahhh. The Calftown Kingdom. It's a good place to be!

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