Monday, July 6, 2015

The Bombing of Calftown

THE CHEESEBURGERS HAD a great time Saturday night at the Illinois Veterans Home July 4 fireworks. I couldn't believe how many people were there, and the fireworks themselves were impressive. We were tearing down as they went off, and by The Rocket's Red Glare we put stuff away.

We managed to get the trailer out of there before they were over, or else we would have been stuck in traffic forever. When I got home, before 10 p.m., Sheryl was giving Tucker another pill to combat the "Bombing Of Calftown," as she calls it.

Tucker, our Border Collie, doesn't do well during thunderstorms. When he hears a loud noise of any sort he starts panting and pacing. Lucy used to hide in the bathtub, but we've discouraged Tucker from doing that, instead encouraging him to hunker down behind the couch or under the nightstand.

No loud noises please! And that special cheese is yummy!
Yes. We give Tucker a pill. We consulted with our vet first. Never give any animal a pill without talking to your vet first, please.

The pill helps calm Tucker down. They are given to him in doggie doses. We put them in a piece of cheese. Angus gets a treat too, so we all win.

Here's the part where I could complain about all the ignorant trash who light massive bombs off after 10 p.m. without caring about the neighbors, but those complaints fall on deaf ears.


Yesterday morning Sheryl was working in the garden when a blast of fireworks went off just down the alley. "STOP IT," she bellowed. And they did.

I think the worst is over. We still heard plenty of fireworks last night in The Hood, and I'm sure there will be a few here and there. The neighbors will probably continue to celebrate until they run out of fireworks.

That's good. We've run out of cheese.

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