Thursday, October 29, 2015

Is it possible to distract a diabetic from death?

MY WIFE HAS started writing a blog about her daily struggles with diabetes and changing the way she eats to please herself. Click here for today's offering, which is about eating.

Sheryl is a very good writer and anybody who deals with diabetes and health issues in general will get something out of it.

Sheryl DOES find this hilarious.
A few days into the blog, Blogger took it down because the Blogger robot determined it was spam. The way of the world these days .... her idea brainlessly halted. You Can't Make It Up. Anyway, that issue has been resolved with a nice email this morning letting her know a human had reviewed the blog and realized it is not spam.

Sheryl has made a concerted effort to limit carbs. She's lost weight and her blood sugar levels don't spike as much. No headaches, less mood changes (although she is still a tough nut sometimes) but it hasn't been easy, and living with me isn't easy, either.

I can eat anything I want, at any time. It's just not fair and I have to be a little bit careful about eating a huge bowl of ice cream in front of her when she is fighting a stubborn high blood sugar. I also am a loud chewer, so I try to not eat too many chips, nuts and crackers in front of her.

But it pales in comparison to what she goes through every day. She has my respect and admiration for putting up with our often frustrating medical community and the grind of dealing with needles, blood sugar levels, malfunctioning insulin pumps, endless doctor's visits and blood work.

She rocks. Read her blog and you will gain insight into the challenging life of a diabetic.

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