Friday, July 15, 2016

Calftown Garage Sale

Archie McPhee does mattresses right!
WE ARE HAVING what we call a "Calftown Garage Sale." Sheryl and I are getting rid of our king size mattress. It's about seven years old and sorta clean. Sheryl's great-nephew spent the night on it once and stained it, but she scrubbed it clean and we have slept on it for a year since. So, it is not really a bio-hazard. It just has had some light use. We just got a new one, so out with the old.

In Calftown, if you don't need it anymore and want to give it away, you simply put it by the front curb. We also hauled out an old chair that has seen better days, but a little cleaning and love and it would be perfect for a porch or basement dog kennel.

By the time this hits the interwebs, it will be gone. Hauled off by the great residents of Calftown that are always ready to recycle and reuse. The two items are free, won't cost anything and come with a lifetime warranty - your lifetime, however long you own it. That's a Calftown deal.

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