Friday, August 12, 2016

Gardens gone WILD

SHERYL'S BACKYARD GARDEN has gone berserk. There. I used the word "berserk" in a blog. Can't get much better than that. Sheryl has worked long and hard to cultivate the garden, and boy are we seeing the results.

We've had great growing weather this summer. Rain, dry patches, more rain, heat - everything that makes a backyard garden go wild. The garden has 3 types of basil, 4 different kinds of tomatoes, 3 versions of cucumbers, green peppers
and lots of crabgrass bursting forth. Last night Sheryl had to cram a lot of the plants back into the bed. It has hit the point of wildly escaping its bounds.

So ... if you live in the Q-Town, and you want fresh produce, feel free to stop by Sunday and help yourself. The Roma tomatoes are the best. I gave some of them to our neighbor, Mary Dickerman, along with some cucumbers. Rumor has it she's slicing them up and using them as a snack for the nightly Scrabble game with her husband, Tony, and their chicken, Dorothy. Don't let them win, Mary.

We also have huge green tomatoes. And the sunflowers are actually growing in the bed up by the house. It's a veritable farmer's market in our own Calftown backyard.

Come on by, pick some weeds, select your veggies and take home some basil! I will watch you work while sipping a beverage and recovering from Saturday night's Cheeseburger show at the Keokuk Yacht Club. And I'll be snacking on cucumbers. Deliciously wild.

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