Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Fasting means going slow

SHERYL IS ROCKING her low-carb diet. She has Type 1 Diabetes and takes her health very seriously, and has to be careful about what she eats. This means a lot of steak, bacon, eggs, fresh vegetables, full fat dairy/cheese, butter, avocado, mushrooms and the dreaded salad. They are all things we can eat together.

This is good for me, too. Avoiding bread, pasta, rice and other carbs in general makes me feel better. When I make hamburgers, I don't need a bun. I've ended my addiction to Nutty Bars, finally. I rarely buy ice cream. These are choices I make, and Sheryl doesn't care if I eat them or not, but it's nice to support her and be good to myself.

Of course I'm still addicted to chips and Peanut M&Ms. My brother will second the theory that Hart boys don't so much as eat a bag of Doritos as we demolish them. So I try to eat those away from Sheryl, or not eat them at all.

Lately Sheryl has been learning to fast, called Intermittent Fasting. It is a way to test her basal insulin dosage and change her weight set-point. It is also very good at keeping her blood sugar even more stable. Dr Jason Fung's "Obesity Code" has been her guide. He has a new book out now called "Complete Guide to Fasting". Both are good reads according to Sheryl.

LCHF food pyramid, Delicious
I respect her desire to improve her always difficult health. She does a lot of research and she challenges her own short-sighted physicians on the benefits of low carb, healthy fat, moderate protein way of eating for good blood sugar control. Sheryl is active on the TypeOneGrit facebook page which has helped her through many of the challenges of this way of eating.

She is always talking to people about changing their diet and making smart food choices. She also blogs about her struggles at Distractions from Death. Be warned, she has a strange sense of humour and a doctor that hates her way of eating. Doctors also hate using U in humour. GUH.

Last night she was 23 hours into a second fast, so I made dinner for myself and ate it upstairs in the recently refurnished man-cave. Unfortunately I didn't clean up until I was done eating, and when I came back down Sheryl had already taken care of it. Cleaning up my food preparation, however, caused her to get hungry and break her fast, and I felt awful about it.

"Don't get bummed out. It's live and learn and we just have to do better," she said.

It's true. If this can actually get me to mend my life-long slobby kitchen ways, then it's yet another benefit.

Low carb rocks. We are learning to roll with it.

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