Monday, October 24, 2016

Josie the Mouser

Sweet Josie!
WE HAVE A new member of the Hart family in Calftown. Her name is Josie. She weighs slightly more than a feather. She's three or four months old. She has long legs and is not afraid of dogs. She isn't a cat, really. She's a "Mouser." And that's why she's hanging out in the hood.

We have mice in our old German house. Sheryl has set traps and we've caught a few. A long time ago, Lucy, the late and great Queen of Calftown, caught a mouse or two in the house and there was a great deal of banging and clanging and screaming and ultimately praise heaped on a super smart Border Collie. She was the greatest dog ever.

Unfortunately, our three current dogs are not mousers and only play with the mice after they've been caught in the trap. We can't have that. So now we have Josie and all the mouse glue traps need to be removed.

Josie did not take long to fit in. She sat on the top of the couch, surveyed her new kingdom, and very calmly said, "Where is my litter box?" Sheryl took her into the basement, and Josie has been spending some serious time down there. This morning she was playing with something by the litter box - we hope it's a mouse. Or, more exactly, was a mouse.

Josie comes to us from Sheryl's sister, who found the cat on her porch and of course couldn't bear to leave her outside. And then, of course, she convinced Sheryl that we needed a mouser. Or did Sheryl convince Stephanie that we needed a mouser.....  Either way, we have Josie the Mouser.

So. Josie is settling right in, the three dogs are mildly interested but generally leave her alone, and Calftown has once again gone to the dogs. And cat. Um, I mean, mouser.

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