Thursday, March 16, 2017

This piece of mail was a piece of bleep

THERE WAS AN item in our home mail yesterday. It was a single piece of paper, maybe 4 X 6 inches in size, no envelope. The message was typed, probably from a computer. It said that an upcoming "seminar" in Quincy about homosexuality in the church was wrong, and it proceeded to tell me what sin was and wasn't.

If you dropped this into my mail slot, and I presume you dropped it into a lot of Calftown mail slots, you are a hypocrite and sinner yourself. You just broke the law, moron. You can't put something in the mail unless it is properly addressed and has a stamp. Render unto Caesar what is Caesars. Look it up. A wise man said it and it's in the Bible.

People are often surprised when learning I'm a PK. Yup. Preacher's Kid. I'm kind of proud of it, actually. I went to Christian schools all my life, even survived a terrible year at a Christian college. I was once very active in an organized church. But I've gotten away from it, and I admit I need more God in my life.

In my later years I've developed a more liberal and world view of religion. Are we right just because we are right? If you are Jewish are you going to hell, should I be hanging out with you? Geesh. I'd really miss out, because I couldn't enjoy Paul Lester and his dirty jokes and magnificent mandolin playing.

Keeping Christian extremists out of our country is a bigger issue than keeping out Muslims. Have you ever actually tried to watch the 700 Club? I did once when getting my oil changed and sitting in the waiting room. I got really angry. But it was a good oil change.

Back to the idiot who put the note in our mail. If your intent was to make us think or reconsider or understand how evil we are, well, you failed. In fact, my wife cursed a blue streak after reading the note. You made her sin. Great. Even the dogs were bitching, and a sinning dog is an awful thing to deal with. Just awful. It's ironic that we sinned even more by reading your note about sin. Your purported good deed got undone by the devil. Calftown is full of sinners you know....

Go ahead and hide behind your computer and tell us all about right and wrong. I'd answer back if you had the guts to show your face. But I have better things to do - my car is due for an oil change.


  1. Made the dogs sin. Sinning dogs. Made me laugh out loud!

  2. I say moderation in everything...and even extra moderation when it comes to religion! :)