Wednesday, October 11, 2017

More than just a music store

SOME PEOPLE COME into Second String Music for a specific item. Some just like to browse. Others want to play with Fast Eddie and/or Angus the Young.

And others get life, mental health or nutrition for Type 1 diabetes advice.

This morning a man was in the store picking up some guitar stuff. He works for one of the big social agencies in Quincy and he's a good customer. He started talking to Sheryl about a foster care. She used to do foster care and said IF she ever did foster care again, "I would only want to focus on kids with Type I diabetes, since I have so much experience managing the disease."

He mentioned there was a client who has Type 1 diabetes, and Sheryl dove right in.

The agency nurses have a tough time dealing with his ups and downs. So Sheryl got out one of her Dr. Bernstein books, and gave it to him.

"Here. It's yours. Have the nurses read this and it will really, really help," she said. "If they have questions, I can help answer those. I have achieved an A1C of 5.5 with the help of Dr. B."

"You mean you are just giving this to me?" the man said, "I think my last A1C was 5.7, how is yours better than mine?" His doctor had told him an A1C of 5.7 was just fine for a Type II diabetic.

"YES," Sheryl said. "I have a whole stack of them. It's what I do. Have the nurses read it! You can read it too if you like." He left with a bewildered but interested look on his face.

So you can swing by Fifth and Maine for a change of strings and a change in your reading habits. It might lead to better nutrition, better test results, and you'll be a better player, too.

See? It all comes around to one thing - come to the music store, and you'll feel better!

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