Thursday, January 25, 2018

D.C. calls it quits

DON CRIM IS retiring Friday after nearly 40 years at The Herald-Whig. He was my boss for 16 years. He was tough but fair and he expected full effort and excellence, and he didn't tolerate mediocrity.

He will be sorely missed.

D.C. with the priorities in life!
I replaced him as sports editor at The Whig in 1996. "We want another Don Crim," the bosses said. "Sure, no problem," I said. Right. I killed myself for 2 1/2 years and didn't even come close. Much of my failings as sports editor were because of my own issues, but there was no way I could match what Don did.

When I became a staff writer in 1999, he was the city editor. He convinced me to take the job. Don was not the type to regularly pat you on the back, but he let you do the job and if you screwed up you had to answer to him.

I am not sure why he's retiring, but my guess is that he's enjoying his days as a grandfather. He was the managing editor for a long time and promoted three years ago to executive editor, and they are high-stress jobs with lots of fires to put out and responsibilities.

His wife, Peggy, the former City of Quincy treasurer, also recently retired, so they will obviously ride off into the sunset together. Peggy's famous line is "Dammit Donnie!" So much so it's become his name -  "Dammit Donnie, you nailed that putt" and "Dammit Donnie why haven't you mowed the grass?"

He was a prolific writer when he was in sports and I bet he'd still write circles around anybody over there now. If The Whig was smart they'd hire him to write a weekly column.

Now he can hang out with the grandkids and chase that ball around Cedar Crest without worrying about the stress and tension waiting for him at Fifth and Jersey. I hope he comes around to Fifth and Maine on warm Friday afternoons for a little sanity, Bud Light and happy hours. It would be great to play a little golf again with him this summer, too.

Best of luck, D.C. You are an icon at The Whig and there will never be anybody like you.

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