Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Garage door opener - free!

SHERYL INSTALLED A new battery powered belt-drive garage door opener Sunday. I helped by staying out of the way and being tall when required to take the old one down and put the new one up. It has a battery and works with the solar panels on the garage roof, and so far, so good.

Since the garage didn't have electricity, Sheryl put in solar panels. She had to find a battery powered opener so that it would work with the solar batteries. So for the past few years we had to manually pull the door up and down, we rarely parked the vehicle in the garage. If the weather was bad, I'd pull it up, put the car in, pull it down, and be done. Really it's no big deal but we get used to the conveniences in life, and it will be nice to park in the garage with little effort - our backs are thanking us already.

The old one was put in three years ago and almost never used. It's sitting in the garage, and we'd like to find it a new home. On occasion we'll have what we call at "Calftown Garage Sale" and just stick it on the sidewalk with a free sign on it, but this is a little too big and we'd like it to actually get used, not taken and sold off or pawned.

Call us at the store (228-8008). It comes with all the stuff you need to put it in.

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