Monday, April 9, 2018

House next door for sale

THE HOUSE NEXT to us in our awesome Calftown neighborhood goes up for sale this month. The asking price is fair and it's beautiful, lived in for nearly 60 years by our neighbor, Don. He passed away in October and his kids have been steadily cleaning it out. The garage is huge and still has his LTD sitting there waiting for a new owner.
Jim V and Don's houses. Nice and big family homes.

The house next to Don's may be up for sale soon, too, from what we've heard. Sheryl and I have been in it and it's also very nice. An new owner has been in it for about four years but before that Jim Viehmeyer owned it for decades and it was immaculate, even the basement... The wiring lined up in perfect rows. He worked hard to make sure his basement was clean and dry.

We really hope the homes stay single-family dwellings and not rental properties. No offense, but we've had our fill of negligent landlords and slobs as tenants. There is a house on 9th Street that is awful and the city has had to step in to get it cleaned up, and that's just the junky porch and yard full of trash and furniture. There is also another one at 9th and Washington that has been vacant for 7 years and the city has to mow it a couple of times a year. It would make a cute house if the owners would sell it. Who knows why they just let it sit and decay.

Our house. It is the ugly one on the block.
All the big houses in the block are lived in by the owners. We hope to see a couple of new families join our little block. It is a great place to run and play, just ask our dogs!

Call us for details and we can let you know more about the houses going up for sale. Here's to hoping we get good neighbors and keep it real in the Calftown hood!

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