Thursday, May 31, 2018

Gardens Gone Wild

ANYBODY WANT TOMATOES? Well. You are going to get 'em if you want them or not.

Sheryl's garden has gone bonkers and she just got done with the first major weeding session. Much to her surprise, she's found "rogue" tomato, lettuce and melon plants pop up, left over from last year. She's pulled at least 40 volunteer tomato plants because they are crowding the new ones she planted last month.

Now that I think about it, Anybody Want Tomatoes would be a great band name. We could go on the Growing Season Tour and make an album called Planting the Seed.

Anyway, we suspect it's because the seed over-wintered in the plant debris. We thoroughly tilled the soil in April, and that helps the seeds germinate.
Zombies in the Garden??

"Next year, I'm not going to plant anything. And we'll still have a garden full of stuff," Sheryl says.

It's been hot the past few days but now we are supposed to get more rain, and it's been perfect growing weather so far, so we expect a lot of produce coming out the Calftown ground.

This could lead to getting fresh produce with purchase of a guitar. We won't throw anything away and we'll make sure it gets put to good use. The neighbors are anxiously awaiting goodies from this garden. The long winter helps them get over being sick of Sheryl's deliveries last year. It's still May and already the upstart mustard greens, asian lettuce and basil are ready to pick, but the other plants will probably take at least a month or so before they are ready.

We'll be ready. I think. Unless more stuff pops up.

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