Thursday, June 21, 2018

806 S. 9th is awful

WITHIN HALF A block of the Hart White House in Calftown, five houses are empty. FIVE. One is for sale and the sale is pending. Two have been vacant for years with little hope of somebody moving in anytime soon. One is ... well, taken care of. The owner is on the lam from the law so his mom comes over to mow the grass and keep an eye on the place.

One small brick house on the northeast corner of 9th and Washington is about to fall down. It's owned by a person from out of town who couldn't care less about it. The city comes a few times a year to chop down the weeds. It's sad that people don't care.

And then there's 806 South 8th Street, Quincy, Illinois, 62305.
A picture, 100000000 words.

The woman in there rents the house. She attempted to mow her grass in May. There are two lawnmowers on her porch. There are usually trash bags, mattresses and debris all over the place, too. She mowed half the lawn in May. And now it's overgrown with weeds, strange-looking plants and corn. Yup, corn. The squirrels drop the kernels and they sprout up in the grass.

Part of me thinks she's just a little overwhelmed. The city came by and shut off her water not long ago, and the rental place reclaimed appliances and a big television. I'm not sure what kind of struggles she has but her landlord is giving her plenty of leeway, for some reason.

So I try to have some sympathy for her. Unfortunately, the sympathy disappears when we see all kinds of people coming and going from the house at all hours, and we think there are four or five other people living in the house from time to time. Last year there was a massive brawl in her yard, and not long ago we had to call the cops when she was arguing with a man in front of the house.

The owner of the house couldn't care less, and it's really disappointing. All he wants is the rent money, presumably. Is he even getting that? It's on the resident to take care of the house and the lawn. If they don't, well, so what? We are confused.

I know, I know - first world problems. But we all do our best to keep our properties up, and it does drive property values down when other neighbors and residents simply don't give a bleep. We live on a residential street with houses. We care about our neighborhood and neighbors.

Done venting. Don't feel better. And I hope the yard gets mowed soon, though by this point you'd have to take a machete to chop down the taller plants and weeds. Yes, the city has been notified.

Calftown proud, baby.

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