Thursday, September 26, 2019

Hood hums along

CALFTOWN WAS IN full swing this morning. Across the alley, the house vacant for a few months appears to have a new tenant. A large weed tree next to the garage has been chopped down, the fence put back up and the backyard cleaned up. We saw a guy leading a dog on a leash to the back door. The previous tenants mistreated their dog (left it out all day) and had stuff piled up outside. So maybe this is a sign the new tenants will be better.
Genie says, "WTF".

Around the corner, at 814 S. Ninth, a crew was busy tearing out carpet and presumably doing a lot of work inside. This house has a long history of interesting tenants, and it was just sold at auction. The previous owner had a few issues and I wrote stories about another guy who lived there about a decade ago - he got a long prison sentence for being a tough guy. Sheryl's nephew actually lived in the house a few years ago, and every time he turned on the heat the electricity would shut off because it was rigged up by somebody who thought he was an electrician. So ... maybe the new occupants will figure that out. Also, that drywall had a odor of meth cooking that we are sure they already know about.

Next door at 806 S. Ninth, the house stands lonely and unoccupied. Every few months we'd have to call about the cornstalks and weeds in the yard. I dunno .... when they get to be about 3 feet high, isn't it time for the lawn to be mowed? There was a woman living in there who didn't care and there were interesting people coming and going at all hours. She moved out recently and a guy with a big container showed up, and it took a week to get all the crap out of the house and piled into the container. Here's to hoping the landlords will make better choices.

On a good note, we have new people in the house two doors to our east. They are younger and appear to be very nice and they actually seem to care about the house.

And the other day our neighbor on the alley was out with his buddies, and I brought them a bag of tomatoes and cucumbers from our still exploding garden. They loved it and gave me a secret recipe to make salsa. If it wasn't the middle of the day, I would have joined them for a beverage.

Calftown, baby! You gotta love it to live here, and we do.

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