Friday, February 28, 2020

Flying cats

AT THE CALFTOWN Hart White House, we have two flying cats. They literally defy gravity. CoCo and Josie are girls who are as different as can be, but they both like air more than ground.

CoCo came to us from the same farm as Angus and Malcolm, our Cowboy Corgis. She's a small whitish-gray tabby and Siamese mix. Even though she was raised on a farm, she doesn't like the outdoors and won't leave the porch. Open a window and she is as happy as can be.

Josie is our 3-year-old calico and she is fat. She likes to prowl around the backyard and kill small birds and chase squirrels. She dreams about killing a squirrel someday, the operative word is "dream." She doesn't care how fat she gets, she says she is PHAT. When she runs and her belly flops left and right, she looks up and says "God made me this way so BLEEP YOU. And fill up my food bowl instead of making fun of me."

Josie the Cat
CoCo and Josie are buds. They enjoy games of Flying Chase and Twitching Tails. We have a baby gate set up between the living and laundry rooms, and the cats tear around after each other and use the gate in the obstacle course.

The gate is maybe 3 feet tall. CoCo launches herself at full speed and easily clears it. Josie has to balance her hind legs on the gate for a fraction of a second, then clears it. "You try jumping over something more than three times your height. And with all these beautiful love handles," Josie purrs.

One cat sits on a table, the other on the floor. They start twitching their tails back and forth. They get their haunches up, and they leap at each other and start Flying Chase again.

CoCo trying to sit still
They like to play Flying Chase before bedtime. All we hear is hissing, objects flying and thudding noises from cats chasing each other around the house. It can last at least half an hour, though many nights it seems like more.

Both cats like coming on the bed in the middle of the night and messing with us in some way. Sheryl says Josie is trying to suffocate her or at least knock her off the bed. CoCo enjoys biting hands and generally waking us up to play.

CoCo did this to me the other night, so I grabbed her and threw her off the bed. I apologized to her in the morning. "No big deal," CoCo said. "I am a Flying Cat, you know."

Indeed. As long as they amuse themselves and don't jump on dogs, they can fly around the house all they want. They always land on their feet. Wouldn't it be nice if we always did that, too?

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