Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Help for Mara

FOR THOSE OF you who think COVID is a hoax, that it will go away after the election, that we have rounded the corner and are containing this virus, that we should just live our lives and all get it since it's out there anyway, I have two suggestions.

The first is anatomically impossible and there are kids who read this blog so I won't say it out loud. The second is to go over to Blessing Hospital and see if you can hang out with the Clingingsmith family. 

Actually, you can't.

Mara Clingingsmith of Quincy is fighting for her life in ICU as we speak. She's been on a ventilator for more than two weeks and her husband can't be in the room with her - he has to look at her through a window. Her kids have to wait in the parking lot. Blessing is locked down because of COVID and rightfully so. Five members of Mara's family have COVID, including her daughter who was 33 weeks pregnant. She was airlifted to Springfield and had her baby by C-section. 

A Go Fund Me page has been set up for Mara and her family and has more of her story. Mara is head of the Better Business Bureau in Quincy and a lot of people know her. She was making masks when she was stricken and now it's our turn to help her and her family.

"So what? It only hits people with underlying conditions. You get a headache maybe. Quit interfering with my freedoms!" say the ignorant masses. "This is no big deal."

Sorry to burst your bubble, Web Warriors, but it's far more serious. It's killing people. Today the Adams County Health Department announced a staggering 84 new cases (this is a daily count) and there was another death and we are up to 22 that have died. Adams County has at 13.5 percent positivity rate. Our region is climbing above 8 percent and is in danger of having restrictions imposed again. One of the parochial schools closed because several teachers tested positive for COVID. 

I think people are tired of hearing about it and are letting their guards down. With Thanksgiving and Christmas looming, it looks like a long winter ahead.

Be a decent person and wear a mask. Be a better person and help out Mara and her family.

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