Monday, January 25, 2021

Hurry Up, Vaccine

HURRY UP, VACCINE. Get here. Now. I am tired of not playing shows, wearing a mask all the time, social distancing, constantly keeping my guard up because of the COVID-19 virus. I want normalcy. NOW. So hurry up. Please.

There are priorities. I want Sheryl to get it, and soon. She is a Type 1 diabetic and if she gets the virus, there is likely no more Second String Music because of her immune system, or lack thereof. She was thinking about getting the vaccine now because she is still a substitute teacher. "I'll wait. I want the actual teachers to get it first. I'll get it when 1c is ready," she said.

I don't know when the rest of us mere mortals who are healthy will get it. Today we hear Johnson & Johnson is close to getting a vaccine out. And it's just one shot, not two. We'll see. I'll hurry up and wait.

Mainly, I want to play music again in front of people. Cori Powell-Green and I (HartLyss) are going crazy from waiting. I got several calls the past few weeks wondering when we'll be ready. Well, we are ready. But we are waiting until its safe. Cori and I have both had Covid. It's not fun. Don't get it. It does mean we have anti-bodies, but it doesn't mean we can't get it again, and spread it. 

The second we can make arrangements to play, we will. 

The Cheeseburgers are on hiatus, for now. Until it is safe to potentially practice, there is no news to report. Would it be awesome to play outside this summer? Yes. But we'll hurry up and wait.

Actually, I'm going to form a new band and call it "Hurry Up And Wait." Our hit songs will be "Operation Warp What?" and "Stick A Damn Needle In Me NOW." They will both be huge, but we won't make any money because we can't tour. 

Patience, friends. I'm tired of the word. But it's our reality. We are beginning to see light. Sooner than later, we'll be back to rocking and rolling and being social again. 

Just get here now, vaccine!

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