Thursday, March 4, 2021

Taylor for sale

WE LIKE TO THINK we know what sells and doesn't sell at Second String Music. If it was up to me,  I'd line the walls with super high end instruments, and we'd be out of business in a year. Thankfully Sheryl makes those decisions and she's learned what to get and what moves.

We are awaiting Fender, Takamine and Alvarez acoustic guitar shipments. Supply lines are messed up right now because of Covid and we've been without a decent $200 acoustic for two long months. Hopefully that changes, maybe as soon as next week.

Yesterday we took in a Taylor 510e with the Expressions pickup and a hard case. It's selling for around $2,000 online. We have it listed for $1,899. It is a 2016 model and it's hardly been played. Sheryl and I are very careful about taking used instruments to sell on consignment, but we are selling the Taylor for a good customer and a long time guitar student. 

It is good to have one spectacular acoustic, especially when the market is this strangled for inventory. We like it when we have different things in the store and it's good for our regulars who are curious about what's come in and new, or used. We hope to find the Taylor a good home.

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