Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Getting the birthday present right

IT'S A GOOD thing the women in my life are easy when it comes time to buying presents. Sheryl is pretty simple, and Emily goes with the flow.

I can still screw it up. The track record doesn't lie. Fortunately the most recent birthday present was a success, and it's very true that the gift giving is better than receiving.

Emily turned 26 yesterday. What the .... TWENTY SIX? She got some pretty cool birthday presents over the years, and she still has her Barry Sanders No. 20 Detroit Lions jersey we gave her when she turned ... 7? Something like that.

Emily spent her birthday teaching in Macomb, then driving to Quincy for a Quincy Symphony Orchestra practice (she is the guest artist at the Oct. 1 concert, much more on that next week). We are planning on helping her with a major purchase next month, but I wanted to do at least a little something for her big day.

So, as usual, I ran down to the Sweet Apricot in the Maine Center and Sara saved me.We picked out two really cool candles - Emily likes candles. See? Easy Peazy! I met Emily at her QSO practice and gave her the present and she was too busy to look in the bag, but she was happy.

I got home from working at The Whig last night about 11. My phone beeped. It was a text from Emily - "These candles smell amazing! Good job Dad - 10 out of 10, you nailed it!"

Nah, Emily. You've been nailing it for 26 amazing years. Thanks for putting up with your dorky and crazy dad, and I'm glad you had a good birthday.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Interesting music store questions

WHEN YOU OWN a music store and there is a big sign on the front that says "Music Store," you get a lot of people coming in and asking questions. A lot of them say, "I know this is a dumb question, but ...."

There are no dumb questions. If you don't know, you don't know. If I go to buy a watch or a birthday present for my daughter (Happy Birthday today Emily Hart!), I'll be asking dumb questions, too. It's okay. Ask away and we'll try our best to answer.

Lately we've been getting some, well, really interesting questions. So here's a list. You can't make it up, even in a music store. Ah, the adventure of retail and owning your own business!

1. What are string winders for?
2. Do you have any left-handed pan flutes?
3. Can I pawn my typewriter here?
4. Is this a bank? (To be fair, it was a bank, and it still says "Bank" above the front door).
5. Can I have your cat? Is he dangerous?
6. Why doesn't this kazoo work?
7. Really? You have to plug it in and the light has to come on?
8. Can I just have this guitar? I'm broke this month but I promise to make payments when I get my check.
9. I'm looking for 501 Maine. Why is there no 501 Maine? (Look for 510 Maine, please.)
10. Do you have Zumba CDs?
11. I just bought this guitar online and it doesn't work. Does it cost anything to fix it?
12. Why can't I play Stairway To Heaven? Wayne's World? What is that?
13. Is Frank Haxel here EVERY Friday afternoon?
14. Can I charge my phone in here for a minute? Do you have a charger?
15. Why is there a dog bone in the middle of the floor? (Fair question, actually, if you haven't met Angus.)
16. Does Rodney really need all those guitars?
17. Don't you think it would be good exposure for your band?
18. Is there an instrument Steve Rees can't play?
19. Why aren't you organizing more free concerts in the park?
20. Wait a second .... you mean I can park all day just down the street for free?

See how it can be very entertaining to own a small business in a relatively small town? We enjoy every day and always find the humor in the many questions we may have to answer. Come down and ask us a stumper!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Major scales work

I WILL NEVER be a good lead guitar player. I can strum and keep rhythm. I'm going to keep trying. I might get there, some day.

Last week I filled in at the Club Tavern and Todd Boyer tore it up on lead guitar. Geesh ... you hear a guy like that and it makes you either want to quit or to get better. I ain't quitting. So ... I'll work on getting better. The guy I was filling in for (Matt Roberts) is a monster, too.

One of the things I stress in lessons is learning scales. It's more about ear training than anything else. It helps to navigate on the guitar and to learn where the notes are, and why they work.

I've been learning a ton of songs with the new app Sheryl got for me. It's been life-changing - I've known and loved these songs forever and now I can finally tackle them and it's so much fun.

My mother, God bless her soul, was a huge Cat Stevens fan. I think Teaser and the Firecat and Tea for the Tillerman are two of the greatest albums ever made. Yup. Albums. Records. Those black cylinder things that you put on a device called a "record player." The scratches and pops just made it sound warmer.

Anyway, I dialed up the classic "Wild World" and learned it. In the chorus it has little riff, right after "Oh baby baby it's a wild world .... duh duh duh duh duh duh duh dub .... " I heard it and I thought, I'm in trouble, I'll never be able to figure it out.

Wrong. It's a simple scale. It took all of 30 seconds to learn it. I'm stilll not very good at it - a little practice and timing and I might be able to pull it off.

I'll never be mistaken for a great guitar player. But I'm having fun and I'm learning every day I pick it up, and it just gets more and more interesting. A bunch of my students had fun with Wild World last week, too.

It is, indeed, a Wild World.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Yes, we do have lefties!

That looks... Wrong.
FOUR OR FIVE times a year we have somebody come into Second String Music and ask if we have any left-handed guitars. The answer is yes - we always have at least one left handed acoustic Ibanez and one left handed Ibanez Gio electric, both great guitars.

I wish we had more in stock, but they simply aren't in huge demand so we carry what we can and special order lefty's for our customers.

The other day a loyal customer ordered a gorgeous lefty Takamine acoustic, a GN-51, and it arrived today. We also hooked him up with a lefty Ibanez hollow body a few years ago, and he is over the moon with his guitars.

There is a raging debate about playing lefty versus righty. I'm fine either way, and I have a really good lefty student who bought an Ibanez acoustic from us. We've even restrung guitars upside down for left-handed players, though it's not generally recommended.

Most of our guitar brands offer left-handed guitars, and we're glad to order stuff - it only takes a few days, and you don't have to worry about warranty or shipping issues.

Left or right, it's still rock and roll to me!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Blog writing in bars

I TRY TO write a blog every day, or at least Monday through Thursday. Sometimes blogs write themselves. Other times it's a struggle and the screen stays blank for a long time.

Routine is important - I try to do it first thing when we get to the store. It doesn't always happen, and there are days where it gets done a few sentences at a time.

This is an image of a blinking cursor...
Last Friday I was playing at Revelry, and Kellie Mast came in, got a glass of wine and started pecking away at her phone. This isn't unusual - people tend to peck at phones at all times, no matter where they are.When you play a solo acoustic gig in a bar, you are mostly background music and it's not about the audience going crazy, or even knowing you are there. It's more fun when they do, but I just like to play. I don't worry about all that other stuff.

Kellie was actually writing a blog, using her phone. For her, sitting in a bar watching somebody play and sipping wine is a way to motivate her and get a blog done. Whatever works.

There might not be a more helpless feeling in the world than starting at a blank screen. The idea is the key, and getting started in the toughest part.

Well looky here ... I'm done with another blog!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Parking Wars Update

IT'S WORKING. OUR efforts to enforce the two-hour parking on Maine Street between Fifth and Sixth are paying off. In the more than five years we've been here, we've rarely seen open spaces during the weekday. This week, we've had customer after customer comment on how easy it was to park and how nice it is to be right in front of our building. Yesterday the UPS guy parked right in front of the WCU Building and delivered packages, instead of parking at the corner or simply in the street. Sheryl witness the look of shock on his face. He probably thought he was being punk'd.

If more people knew parking wasn't so bad downtown, then we'd have more customers. So ... we have parking! For now, anyway.

A Quincy Police Department officer issued 11 tickets Friday morning. Five more were issued Monday. Sheryl and I are watching the street, writing down tags and taking photos, and reporting violations.

Several times we've called and waited for an officer to show up. That's fine. They have important things to do and our parking issues are down the list, and we are patient. When they do show up, we very much appreciate their time and understanding. They have been great. We are supporters of our local law enforcement and We Back The Blue every chance we get.

We have no wish to make anybody mad. We just want the law to be enforced and for people who work down here to be courteous, respectful and to keep the customers in mind. I also walk the walk and I'm making sure to not park in front of our store, but up  the street where there is no parking limit.

Most importantly, this has been a group effort. One person complaining all the time does nothing to fix the problem. Second String Music, Ally's Boutique, Kristopher's, Martini's at 515, the businesses in the Maine Center and the clothing store across the street are all in this together. We reported violations for more than a week and remained polite and respectful during the process before action was finally taken, and we've learned that persistence pays off.

We are willing to talk about the parking issues and we appreciate everybody who has concerns, ideas and solutions to the issue.