Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Stuff for the bike and great local service

THIS SUMMER I'VE rediscovered the joy of riding my Trek bike around Quincy. I've been pedaling around some of the neighborhoods and it's a great way to unwind and get exercise after a long day at the store. 

I decided to get a rearview mirror and a few other things for the bike. I could have gone online, but it was an easy decision to visit Madison & Davis at Eighth and Jefferson. There are other places to buy bicycles in Quincy but Madison & Davis has long been the standard around here in the local bike scene. Owner Greg Davis made a huge investment a few years ago in the property and it's much appreciated on the south end of town.

The service was outstanding. Ryan Hildebrand knew exactly what to get and made the choices easy. More importantly, he installed the mirror and the odometer I bought, because I never would have figured it out, even though it's easy and makes sense.

Madison & Davis and Second String Music have a lot in common. We both consider the internet to be major competition. We are both having supply issues right now, though they are slowly getting better for us. Ryan said the wait for some bikes is a year or longer, and some customers misplace the blame and get frustrated with the retail outlet.

To me, Madison & Davis is much more than a bike shop. It's a place to get good information and service. It's peace of mind, because you never know what you might get when ordering online. And it's more important than ever to do business with our home-grown retailers and keep our dollars local. We are coming back after a long COVID-19 nightmare and small businesses are the backbone of our communities.

Now I know what's coming up behind me and how far I've pedaled. And I got great service and advice to boot. Thank you Ryan and Madison & Davis, and three cheers for us little retail guys!

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