Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Mary was a great neighbor

OUR NEIGHBOR AND friend Mary Dickerman passed away Saturday morning. She lived at the end of the alley with her husband, Tony, and they were great home owners who cared about Calftown and our little neighborhood. Click here for the death notice. Mary had been sick for a while and was about to enter hospice, so she's in a much better place now.

I will miss talking to Mary about the hood. She worked at Hy-Vee on Harrison and it was always great to see her smile, eat one of her samples and laugh about the chaos of the world. My favorite memory of Tony and Mary is when they'd sit in the backyard playing board games while their chickens clucked and their dog, Stella, kept a watchful eye on everything.

Sheryl loved bringing Mary and Tony stuff from our garden. We are friends with Amanda, their daughter and grand-daughters, Olivia and Emma. Mary passed away early Saturday morning, and Sheryl bought a plant and a card to give to Tony at his new Good Sam Home cottage.

Of course we rolled up right behind Amanda, Ben and Tony like we were stalking them or something! We are sometimes better at sneaking in and out without being caught. Overall, It meant a lot to see them and express how sorry we were to hear about Mary.

I hope the house goes to a caring family and wants to keep things anchored at the end of the alley. It's hard to drive past and not see her or Tony there now. Life, as always, goes on.

Peace to Mary and her family. Things won't be quite the same in Calftown.

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