Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Building sold, business stays

SHERYL AND I are proud to announce we have sold our historic Dodd Building to Andrew Mays and Brian Hendrian of Quincy. We owned it for eight years and did a lot of improvements, but it was time for somebody else to step up and take renovations to the next level.

Second String Music is not, repeat, NOT, moving. We are now leasing the space. We have no plans to move and we'll keep rocking at Fifth and Maine.

We bought the building in 2013, a year after we moved. It was a good investment. It hadn't been occupied or owned by a person who cared for a long, long time. We replaced the second floor roof, got the second floor spaces cleaned up and rented, and also got the 503 Maine space fixed up and rented. There were a lot of HVAC issues to deal with and the million other things an older building requires. We loved owning it. But we are not building renovators and it was time for a new owner.

It was important to sell it to a local entity. Brian and Andrew have big plans, starting with the elevator and putting in a new entrance on the northwest corner. We are sure they will do great things with the space.

It is a little strange to no longer go upstairs whenever we want, but it's actually a huge weight off our shoulders. Now we are off to another great adventure in owning old buildings, and we'll leave it at that for now.

Good luck to the new owners, and we continue to look forward to being your music store in Quincy!

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