Monday, July 18, 2022

Garage sales and letting go of stuff

 WE HAD A garage sale last weekend. We got rid of a ton of stuff. I call it stuff, junk, things, trinkets, whatever. Most of it came from the project house we purchased last November. It had no sentimental value to us and if it finds a new home and people are happy, great. Mission accomplished.

The Schwinn, far right, just before it sold.
I did sell two things that were near and dear to me, for no good reasons other they were links to the past. The first was my Schwinn 12-speed I bought in 1986. It got me through college because I lived far from campus and it's a great bike. Can't say I rode it much after that, sadly. But it always hung on a wall in a garage and I always smiled when seeing it because it took me back to Central Michigan University and more carefree days. 

I took it to Madison & Davis a few years ago and they said it wasn't worth much. So I sold it for cheap. It was to a guy who actually lives near us. He couldn't get on the bike because the seat was too high. But he wanted it. And off he walked, pushing the bike. 

I also sold a set of golf clubs. Right before they got snapped up, I noticed my old Ping putter in the garage and threw it in with the clubs. A guy came up and asked if I'd sell the putter separately, since the set already had a putter.

I bought the Ping putter in the early 1990s in Alpena, Michigan, back when I played a lot of golf. I vaguely recall it cost a lot of money and I didn't have any money, but somehow scrapped together the cash. Did it propel my golf game and make me deadly on the greens? Hell no. I couldn't putt then and I can't put now and never will be any good. I'm better off Happy Gilmoreing it with a hockey stick. 

But that putter was in the bag for a lot of rounds and some great times on some magnificent northern Michigan golf courses.

As we discussed a price for the putter, I noticed it was bent near the blade. Geesh. Maybe that's why everything went left. So I let it go for way cheap. 

Did I need them or use them? Nope. But they were reminders of the past, in a good way. I'm having seller's remorse today but in the end, the items found better homes and it's two less things to clutter up the garage. 

I thought about putting my massive collection of Gus Macker shirts and hats in the sale, but some things are still sacred. Even if they take up room and are never used. 

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