Monday, April 30, 2012

Jamming With Logan


I JUST GOT done with one of those weekends, if you know what I mean. It was so insanely wild and fun and involved a lot of free beer. Now it's Monday afternoon and I'm still trying to get the license plate of the rock and roll truck that ran me over.

It started with a wedding reception Saturday afternoon at The Elks. Normally The Cheeseburgers are careful about booking weddings, but this one paid well and we started at 12:30 in the afternoon, so we figured it would be nice to have a Saturday night off. Except an early start meant an early start, and the people at the reception couldn't have cared less about it being afternoon. They were there to celebrate and it was a great time.

So when it was done I managed to get back to the store before closing, and there is our good friend Logan Kammerer of the awesome Quincy band Fielder, strumming a Blueridge and enjoying a little free time. It didn't take much convincing to pick up an Aria Auditorium and do a little jamming. Logan is a great songwriter and as much as I love playing in the band, nothing beats sitting around and strumming along to some really cool music. Sheryl recorded us and is putting some of the videos on YouTube.

On Sunday I hooked up with my buddies from the band Reasonable Doubt, which is the guys from my former band The Funions. We played at a cancer benefit at Turner Hall, one of my favorite places in town, and we even practiced to get ready.

The thing about benefits is that you never know if they are going to be on schedule. We were told we'd play at 4 after the live auction, but of course when we got there another band was playing and the auction didn't start until 4, and there was a boatload of stuff on four huge tables.

We looked at each other, shrugged, and Pooh the bartender gave us a mess of free beer tickets. Big mistake, doing that to a bunch of old Funions, and God bless you Pat Cornwell, cuz you know what I mean!

It was 6:15, and there was still a table full of beer steins being auctioned off three at a time. Fortunately a gal walked up and bought the whole load of them, and lo and behold, we were up.

A few people stuck around and I think we sounded all right. The people who ran the auction thanked us for our patience and were very nice about apologizing for making us wait, but really, it's a Sunday afternoon/early evening, and what else were we going to do, watch golf?

Well. Maybe. But it was still fun.

Anyway, be looking for more Logan and Rodney videos on the Second String Facebook page.

And I might sleep until Wednesday.

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