Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A second to say thanks

HAPPY THANKSGIVING A day early, good world. It's a busy time in the Q-Town!

Tonight at 8, Tim Smith and I are playing at The Blind Pig at 12th and Lind. Tim and I make it up on the fly, much like we do in our band Pepper Spray. Wednesday night is a great party night, so come do it right with us!

Thursday night I'm actually playing a private party gig with Rock A. Bye Johnny B. Apparently Roberto Stellino from Tiramisu will be there as well with a rack of lamb, so of course Sheryl has bravely volunteered to come with us and make sure we play well.

Saturday night, Pepper Spray is at Twin Oaks in Quincy. And next Monday I'm playing at a bank holiday party. Then we have our final two Cheeseburger shows with Burt Shackleton and another solo party or two.

Phew! This Christmas season stuff keeps us busy. Yesterday while I was giving lessons Sheryl sold guitars and lots of other stuff to Christmas shoppers. It will be really busy at Fifth and Maine this year.

Peace to you and yours. Take a second during a very busy time to give thanks. And we will see you out and about.

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