Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Heading To The Lou

SATURDAY IN ST. LOUIS, I'm meeting with my brother Steve. He lives in Phoenix and he's flying in so we can go to the Blues game in the afternoon and the cigar bar after (and maybe before) the game. We are staying by the airport, so I'm looking into transportation to and from downtown.

There is a Metrolink, but I'm wondering how long it will take to get downtown from the airport. There are also lots of places to park downtown, but which ones are the best?

Steve and I don't mind walking so we have choices. It's likely we'll park at Union Station and hoof around before and after the game. Unlike other big cities, St. Louis is relatively easy to get around and not horrendously expensive.

The Blues have won 11 straight games and are starting to garner national attention. They play in Dallas Thursday night, so by the time the Big Bad Bruins roll in Saturday they could be going after 13 in a row. As I've always hated Boston from my time growing up in Montreal, it will be easy to root for the home team. Let's Go Blues!

Blues fans are loyal, passionate and love their team through thick and thin. Well ... most of them, anyway. Some of the Twitter comments right now are classic. We are going to win the Cup! We are the best! Get the victory parade ready!

Winning 11 in a row is impressive, but this is February, not April.

Still, the game will have a playoff atmosphere and it will be a blast to soak it all in.  The Hart boys are ready!

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