Friday, February 1, 2019

Eight years? Really?

EIGHT YEARS AGO today, Feb. 1 2011, it started to snow. It didn't stop for a long time. By the time it was done, we had about 2 feet of the white stuff on the ground, and it paralyzed Quincy and the surrounding area for four or five days.

In the beginning ....
I was working at the Whig and Illinois State Police Trooper Mike Kindhart took me out on I-72 the day after. It was sunny and cold and the highway was still a snow-packed mess. It looked like a combat zone .... cars and truck off the road everywhere. There was a massive semi in the woods on the exit to Marblehead, and it probably took a good week or more to pull everybody out of ditches and medians.

Right around this time was when Sheryl and I were planning to open Second String Music at Eighth and Washington. Sheryl would plow her way down the sidewalk to the store every morning with our border collie, Lucy.

Geesh. Eight years?

It's gonna be 50-plus degrees Sunday. Might have to have a stogie and think about it.

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