Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Never too cold at Fifth and Maine

SECOND STRING MUSIC is open today. So is Electric Fountain Brewing coffee shop next door - there are some hardy souls in there drinking coffee as we speak. I think Schuecking's is open on the other side. But a lot of places are closed today because of the cold.

The Jeep temperature gauge said it was minus 10 this morning at about 9:30. The flags are whipping along Maine Street, so the windchill has to be in the neighborhood of 30-below. Ick bluck.

So ... stay inside if you don't gotta go out.

GR police helping out on Natalie's street.
Here's the thing - you can go stir crazy indoors, or you can suck it up, have your face hurt for 10 seconds, and you can brave your way downtown and hang out at Fifth and Maine. We are in the final two days of our Jackson and Fender guitar special (10 percent off), and we are giving away a bunch of T-shirts. Be careful and bundle up, but it isn't hard to take your jacket off when get inside the store.

 By Sunday it's supposed to be in the mid-50s, typical Quincy weather in the winter.

Friends and family in Michigan just got buried with a foot or more of snow to go along with the brutal cold. My cousin Natalie posted a photo of her snow-covered street and cars getting stuck, so you know it is really bad in Grand Rapids. Of course she decided to make a date night out of it and went to the movies last night - if you added a foot of snow around here, we'd be paralyzed for three or four days at least.

Anyway, we are open for bidness, the coffee shop is open and Angus could always use a good scritch if you come by. And .... spring is only a few months away!

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