Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Reasons to buy a new Fender or Jackson

ALL OUR FENDER and Jackson guitars are 10 percent off this month. A young man just walked in the store and said, "I'd love to buy a new Fender, but ...."

There are lots of reasons to not buy a new guitar, but even more to pull the trigger. We can  help! Therefore, here are the top 10 reasons to buy a new Fender or Jackson guitar from Second String Music ...

1. You will pay less than the online price. Repeat. LESS than the internet price.
2. You can take it home after paying for it. You don't have to wait three days for it to arrive.
3. It's set up and ready. We set up every guitar when it comes in the door AND we will adjust it for you for free anytime because you bought it from us.
4. You can say hello to Angus. He is usually sleeping under Sheryl's feet but we make him get up to do his job, namely, to greet you at the door. He does enjoy hanging out in the store.
YUM, Coffee from EFB!
5. You can get out of the house or the office. Do it now .... ice and snow tonight, more snow on the way this weekend. The sidewalk is clear and the store is nice and warm.
6. Electric Fountain Brewing is open. The door is right there inside our store. RIGHT THERE. They have a bunch of new seasonal coffee drinks, and they do it right. Smells are free!
7. You get four free lessons at Vancil Performing Arts. Frank needs to be kept busy this year.
8. Have you actually played a new Fender Squier Strat? They are unbelievable for the money.
9. So are the Jacksons. We had a customer come in who has thousand dollar guitars, and he bought one of the Jackson Dinkys ($194.39 after the 10% discount this month). He couldn't believe how amazing it sounded and how well it played.
10. I'm the kid in the candy (music) store, and I'd love to help you get new gear. Indulge your inner child!

There are 100 more reasons. Find your reason and come on down to Fifth and Maine, save some money and get yourself and amazing new guitar. We are one of many awesome small businesses downtown that want to help you stay busy during the long winter days.

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