Tuesday, January 22, 2019

O'Griff's closes

IT WAS SAD to hear the news of O'Griffs Irish Pub closing. It's been a mainstay on Hampshire and the Washington Park block for years. It's never good when a business closes.

I loved O'Griffs. Back in my crime reporting days, it was a local hangout for many of the lawyers and law enforcement types. I learned very quickly that stuff didn't get done by sitting behind a desk and staring at the phone - you had to track people down and get them to talk. Let's just say if there was a big trial in town, I'd find the sources from both sides at O'Griffs. at Thyme Square, Boodalu, Chicks On The River, The Yum Factory, Electric Fountain Brewing and more.

I really wish I could resist reading the comments on social media sites. More discipline, hoser! This time I couldn't, and you'd think the world was ending. "Everything is closing" and "There are no good places in Quincy" and "Quincy is dying" and so on. Blah, blah, blah.

I do not know what led to the demise of O'Griffs. But I do know two new places have opened on the other side of the block, and they are awesome - the Red Light Bar and On The Rail. There's Park Bench/Revelry on the west side of the square. You can venture another block to Tiramisu.
NOT downtown Quincy IL

There's a lot of quality choices in downtown Quincy.

You wonder what will happen to the building. Winter's West Wing is one of the most underutilized and amazing concert spaces in town. There's also a huge room on the east side of the main bar. It could be way cool, in the right hands.

So long, O'Griffs. Loved ya. But time marches on and there are still plenty of great places to hang out in The District.

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