Monday, January 14, 2019

Get around get around I get around ... even in snow

WE GOT HIT with a good foot of snow in the Q-Town area. The result? Everything, almost everything, closed. We didn't come to the store Saturday. Electric Fountain Brewing shut down Saturday and Sunday. It's quiet in here today, though there are signs of life and people are moving around downtown.

Working hard at Fifth and Maine this morning.
The Cheeseburgers were scheduled to play a private party in Hamilton Saturday night. They finally called it off at 3 p.m., right before we left, thank goodness. So it was pizza, Grumpy Old Man from Goose Island and the NFL playoffs for me Saturday night, much safer and easier.

We are rescheduled for Friday night, but guess what? More snow on the way, so they say.

I drove around Saturday for a little bit and it wasn't good, but the main streets were OK. Yesterday it was a little better. Judging from social media it was the end of the world and nobody is out plowing and everything is going to hell and we are all going to die. I didn't see it - the trucks were out Friday afternoon even before the first snow hit, and our street was well plowed.

To all the Central Services employees, thank you.

Rest up, because it seems we're going to get hit again in five days.

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