Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Dogs and fireworks don't mix

THIS IS THE Fourth of July week, also known as the "Bombardment of Calftown." Our lovely and caring neighbors set off fireworks at all hours between now and Saturday, even in the days following. When you have a Border Collie with PTSD who runs into the basement or bathtub when hearing a bang, it's a problem.

"Well, your dogs will get used to it," said one neighbor last year, after Sheryl confronted him on a Sunday afternoon days after July 4. Right. You'll get used to Sheryl giving you the business for being an inconsiderate moron, too.

We just heard about our friend whose dog bolted from their house a few days ago due to fireworks. Sadly, the dog was hit by a car and passed away. I'm sure the person setting the fireworks off didn't want this to happen. But it does. 

Tucker, our Border Collie, has been spending all week at the store because of the loud noises. Yup. Even during the day, it's constant on the south side of Quincy. We are praying for rain tonight and tomorrow and Friday, but even rain doesn't stop it completely.

Ahhhh .... thanks for taking me to the store - no fireworks!
We know it's July 4 and it's tradition to set off fireworks, blow off limbs and visit the ER. Heaven forbid we mess with tradition. But when letting off fireworks, please keep your neighbors in mind and their pets, because the dogs just don't realize that fireworks aren't bombs.

That guy who lives down the street with his wife and three kids, the one who seems like a nice fella? He's a vet. He served in Iraq. He went through the muck and the noises wake him up at night, and might make his PTSD worse.

Happy Fourth, Q-Town. Second String Music is closed and we hope you have a safe and fun day off, and if it means going to the fireworks at the Gems game or Vets Home, great.

We'll be at home and Tucker will be in the bathtub.

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