Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Free chairs and cardboard

WE'VE DONE SOME major summer cleaning this week at Second String Music. We have a back storage space now free from clutter and cobwebs. Well, not all the cobwebs. But it looks a lot better.

We found a lot of empty cardboard boxes, easy enough to recycle. We also found an old office chair which immediately went to the sidewalk. No signs, no fanfare. It just sat there and it was gone this morning. We call it a Calftown Garage sale, and somebody has a nice new (used) chair. There is a wheel missing on the bottom, but the new owner will figure it out.

We also exhumed some old guitars and chairs from a space back by our lesson rooms. Underneath a pile of stuff was a beautiful old desk. I think it was upstairs somewhere before we moved it down here. We've managed to drag it out onto the main floor and it's for sale, just $150. You move it if you want it. Sheryl can show you how to take the legs off.

We will have some old display fixtures for sale - the racks that hold books and items. We'd like to get our space in the far northwest corner completely cleaned out, maybe for lessons or displaying stuff.

True, we are a music store. But selling a few bits furniture can't hurt.

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