Friday, May 8, 2020

Open by appointment, farewell to P&V

SHERYL AND I are saddened to learn our favorite downtown store, Potter & Vaughn, is closing at the end of June. Owner Lisa Crocker is awesome and says she simply wants to retire. We don't like to hear this but this virus probably helped her decision along. We will miss her and the store but we respect her decision.

I love Potter & Vaughn because it sells interesting and irreverent stuff. Every year at Christmas I'd go over there and say, "Lisa, here is X amount of money. Hook me up." I hate shopping in general but I loved going into her store and laughing at all the goofy stuff in there. Sheryl never failed to love everything I bought her there and that is a bonus too.

We hope Potter & Vaughn is the only business closing, for whatever reasons, as we start back up from the COVID-19 restrictions.

Second String Music is open limited hours during the day by appointment only. We are not open for browsing or walk-ins. We ask you to message our facebook page or call the store at 217 223-8008 to schedule. We are asking customers to please wear masks, and we'll make sure we only have one or two customers in the store at a time to maintain social distancing.

We are generally at the store during the day for a few hours, and we live only a mile away so calling us and asking to meet at Fifth and Maine is not a big deal. We are glad to do it.

We expect this will continue for the month of May but we'll be flexible and hopefully be open soon to the general public.

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