Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Get Vaccinated!

IF YOU HAVE had the COVID-19 vaccine, you do not have to wear a mask in Second String Music. Some of our customers still wear a mask. Others are relieved they can take it off after entering the store. Sheryl and I have both been vaccinated, but we keep a mask handy and we will wear it out of respect for some customers.

We still get people who come in with blank looks on their faces and act like we are asking them to shoot themselves if they haven't been vaccinated. We will continue to ask you if you have had the vaccine. If we've already asked you, our apologies. It can be hard to track everybody. 

Last week we had a man who refused to wear a mask and got upset when Sheryl said he couldn't come in. "Well, I could lie to you," he said, when asked if he'd been vaccinated.

True. You can lie. You can act like this is just a big silly conspiracy and that masks are useless and COVID  is a plot by the government to chip us and track our movements. Hmmm. Turn your cell phone off if you don't want to be tracked. Then get the vaccine. AND don't try lying to Sheryl. No one wants to try that do they?

COVID-19 is still a thing. Yesterday I lost two guitar students for two weeks because they had a little sister test positive. We are waiting to hear if they are OK. They wear masks and are super careful when they go out. But it's still an issue for them.

Out of respect for employees and fellow shoppers, I'll wear a mask when I go to the grocery store or other business. So I'm being overly safe. No one should care if I'm protecting myself. 

I think the real key is our upcoming summer events like Gus Macker and Blues In The District. If we can get through those without a COVID-19 spike, maybe we really are in the clear. There are people who think we have lifted the mask mandate too early, and that we should still be shut down and not go anywhere. I think we have to get back to living, albeit carefully and with common sense.

If you have had the vaccine and come to Second String Music, it will be great to see your face. If you haven't, please wear a mask. It's not too much to ask that you be careful. We long for the day when COVID is not longer a threat and we don't have to ask you about the vaccine. May it come much sooner than later.

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