Monday, June 21, 2021

Bike Riding Paradise

 LATELY I'VE BEEN getting out on my Trek bike more. Well, except for last weekend when it was 120 in the shade, but fortunately only 90 percent humidity. Better temps this week mean evening rides, and Quincy is a paradise for casual bikers.

I go up Fifth and Maine and once you get west of 12th, the homes are spectacular. Try walking or biking on Maine instead of riding in the car and you'll get a much better appreciation for the beautiful houses. Maine Street isn't that busy at night, and the summer solstice means you can start a good ride well after 7 p.m.

Head south at 22nd and there are more spectacular homes. I rode past the former Weinberg residence last night and couldn't believe it was the same house - you might remember the guy who lived in there was a hoarder and the property was a mess. Now the landscape has been cleared and the house itself shines. I think I saw a grandfather pushing his grandkids on the swing set in the backyard. It's back! And it's beautiful.

This guy is getting a workout!
If you get to State Street and keep going, the homes turn to more modest bungalows. The vast majority are kept in good shape, and the ones that aren't stick out like sore thumbs. I love the front porches and the families sitting out as the evening air begins to cool. You see more people walking and more kids roaming around on bikes in this neighborhood. The streets are generally in decent shape.

Then it's on past Harrison, and the houses turn into the 1960s and 70s ranch style. Again, almost every house is immaculately kept. You almost never see people out though, as there aren't as many porches. The street is flat and the ride is steady.

Finally I head west when getting to Cherry Lane. This has a huge hill at the end near South Park and you have to be careful zooming down the hill and negotiating the corner. Then it's back up a big hill on South 12th, and it gets to be a workout. But that's a good thing.

Pedaling through Calftown is also interesting. You see far more homes in desperate need of some TLC, and some of the streets are bumpy, to say the least. Again, you have to pay attention because not everybody stops at stop signs. Which is the point, I think. 

Anyway, I always feel good when getting done with the ride and it's a great way to see Quincy. I will often alter the route and take a street like 19th or 17th heading south. Last week I ventured out to Quinsippi Island for the first time in years and it was awesome, though you do have a huge hill to negotiate to get back to Third Street. I ended up walking the bike to the top. Ten years ago? Maybe I make it. Not now and I'm not too proud to say I take my time and tend to soak it more in when I ride.

So see you out and about on warm summer nights, Q-Town. 

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