Wednesday, December 8, 2021

New Alvarez acoustics are here!

I HAVE A confession to make - I almost kissed our delivery driver this morning.

The truck showed up right as we opened. "Boy, am I glad to see you," I said to the driver.

"I hear that a lot," he said.

Like many businesses, we are feeling the effects of the supply chain issues. Sheryl has worked miracles keeping us stocked and staying patient as we careen toward Christmas. Today, our Alvarez acoustics arrived, and they are spectacular.

The RD 26 comes with a padded gig bag, strap, picks and tuner. It sounds amazing and makes a perfect first guitar for Christmas. The RS 26, which is a little smaller, comes with a gig bag and has a bright tone you have to hear to believe.

These are the guitars that sell very well at Christmas, and we are grateful to have them and get people hooked up for the holidays. We'd love hear you play one or play one for you. Steve Harrington is here this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon to show them off and let you hear them for yourself. 

We are optimistic about a few other deliveries and we'll keep you posted on our store Facebook page. 

Merry Christmas and keep rocking, just like us at Second String Music!

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