Tuesday, February 27, 2024

See ya judge

 BOB ADRIAN ISN'T a judge here anymore. What a sad, sad tale. Here is the story from Muddy River News, and here's his continuing oblivious reaction to the news. 

I wrote about the judge in one of my last posts before taking an extended hiatus. He was barely retained as a judge. He got less than 60 percent of the vote in Adams County. Once you are elected a judge in Adams County, it's really hard to screw it up.

He did. 

It would be interesting to hear from some former judges about the Adrian debacle. Back in my days patrolling the courthouse hallways, Mark Schuering, Dennis Cashman, Scott Walden and William Mays ruled the roost with effective and different approaches. It probably wouldn't make sense for them to publicly comment about this now .... but I'd love to hear what they have to say.

Adrian presided over some high-profile cases, and by all accounts did his job. That's all he had to do in this case - his job. He could have simply vacated the verdict of the young man accused of rape and moved on. He didn't have to say anything. When he did, the hole got deeper and deeper. Your shovel, your honor. Or, your former honor.

Blaming the media is old hat. Come up with something more original, your former honor. And we are still waiting for the name of the "public relations firm" that was hired to do a political hit job on him. Tick. Tick. Tick.

Tough times at Fifth and Vermont right now - there's mold in the courthouse, the public defender's office is in shambles and the wheels of justice are slower than ever, by all accounts.There are still good people doing the work and eventually it works out. 

Not with Bob Adrian as a judge. Your honor, your former honor. Hopefully he hits them straight if golf is his game and maybe retirement will bring reflection.

I doubt it.

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