Thursday, May 9, 2024

Second Stringers play again at Mayfest


Photo by Mike Sorensen/Bad Wolf Media

CAN'T WAIT UNTIL Saturday's Mayfest event in front of the historic Dick Brothers Brewery in Quincy. For the second straight year, the Second Stringers will take the stage near 10th and Jersey and rock your socks off!

It's been a while since Jim Percy, Dave Schaffer, Brad Fletcher and I have played. We had some really good gigs lined up last year but Mother Nature got in the way several times. Lately Jim, Dave and Brad have been playing with a new band called Out Of The Ashes, and we are busy with other projects. The Second Stringers were sort of thrown together and formed by accident anyway, so playing a show now and then seems about right.

We’ve had a couple of practices and it’s just like …. Falling off a bike!

We play at 1 p.m., followed by the Heidelberg German Band, Violet Hill and Soul Experience. We are on the big Quincy Park District stage and we have the awesome Chris Cornwell doing sound for us. It's a great feeling knowing all we have to do is show up and play and Chris will take of everything.

The Second Stringers are mostly a classic rock cover band, though we'll throw in a few surprises and maybe a song or five that you know but haven't heard in a while. These guys are great fun to play with and are always up for musical adventures. Plus we are playing for "only" 90 minutes, which means we can leave it all on the stage.

There is nothing like a well-organized street party, and kudos to Bret Austin and everybody involved for making this a great event. The weather is supposed to be perfect and there will be a lot of people hanging out. There are things to do for the kids, tunnel tours and all kinds of fun to be had.

See you Saturday!

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