Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Young people and priorities

 I HAD A conversation yesterday with a young Lab Brat. She is only a few years out of high school. She is full of potential. 

She has a steady boyfriend. She said, "I want to get married young and start a family. I want to be a mom so bad!"

Initially I was taken aback. You don't run into many young people today who have this attitude. Or do you? Juggling the career with a raising a family, especially for a women, is really hard. 

I tried to tell her to wait and enjoy being young and to not jump into anything right away. I said, "Don't blink, because suddenly it's 30 years later." So she blinked and she smiled. It's what she wants to do.

Later I realized I was being a jerk and hypocrite. Who am I to tell anybody what their dreams are, what they want to do? I. Am. NOTHING. I have no right to tell anybody how to live their lives.

So later I apologized. The older I get, the more I apologize. I'm still lousy at it. We ended up having a really good conversation. She wasn't offended in the least and she understood the point I was trying to make.

She'll make a great mom someday. If it's sooner than later, good for her and God bless. 

Me? I'm searching for insomnia cures, getting to know my urologist really well and strumming one chord at a time. And trying to stay in my own lane and not be a jerk.

It's really hard, sometimes.

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