Friday, July 20, 2012

Alarm systems and bleeding ears

SO SHERYL ASKED me to open the store this morning. I don't get to do it often and I was kind of fired up.

We just had a new alarm system installed. I can now tell you it works, and works very well.

As I got to the door, there was a guy down the side banging on the glass. That, along with me opening the door, set the dang thing off, and this thing just roars with an ear-piercing shriek.

In my hurry to turn it off I must have not put the right code in. Then the phone rings and it's the alarm company. Then the po po show up. I finally took a deep breath (Sheryl is constantly and correctly telling me to do this) and I got it turned off.

Sheryl lets me vacuum.
The gal from the alarm company couldn't have been nicer and of course police officers Billingsley and Ludwig were totally cool about it. Plus they got a nice tour of the building, security information, of course. 

I listen to the scanner at work and about 99.9 percent of all burglar alarms are false alarms. Still, I feel like a schmo. Thank God for a wife who should probably go cross-eyed from rolling her eyes at all the dumb stuff I do.  (See Photo)

And ... it works!

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