Saturday, July 21, 2012

Farmer's Market and People Watching

DOWNTOWN QUINCY IS a very cool place to be on a summer Saturday morning.

Whoever came up with the idea for having a farmer's market in Washington Park, which is across the street from Second String Music, is a genius. You can find fresh homegrown produce, crafts, cheese, meats and all kinds of other stuff.

Toussaint Smith Sr. playing great music.
Our store is a great place to people watch. Young, old, black, white, crazy and sane, they all mix in and stroll the sidewalks. That's probably the best part of farmer's market - you have no choice  but to slow down and take a look at everything, instead of a hurried run to the grocery store.

Most of the vendors are just as interested in talking with you as selling their wares.

There's an older gentleman named Toussaint Smith Sr. who plays guitar and sings for tips, and the vendors around him were swaying to the music and laughing at his corny jokes. 

It's going to scorching hot again in Q-Town today, so a bunch of people are out while it's still bearable. I just went past the cheese stand and I might  have to go back and pick some up because it looks really tasty.

Fast Eddie likes to sit in front of the main entrance and people watch, too, and I'm joining him this morning, glad to be in downtown, glad to be part of a non-hurried life.

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