Monday, July 23, 2012

I Don't Like Mondays and power naps

WE CERTAINLY PLAY our share of interesting shows with The Cheeseburgers. Sunday we found ourselves playing at a Mississippi River camp north of Hogback Island for a private party, and it was a blast.

Sure, it was warm, but they put a big fan by the side of the stage and there was a breeze to boot. We brought plenty of water and Gatorade, and the Mai Tais didn't hurt either.

It was one of those fun gigs where the crowd was small but definitely into it. By the end of the night we had about 35 or 40 people hooting and hollering for more and we really enjoyed ourselves, and we played pretty well, too.

The thing about a Sunday show is that Monday rolls around way too soon, especially when you go back to the drummer's house and you jump in his pool with another cocktail. GUH. My butt was dragging big-time this morning and I missed my normal Sunday morning recovery routine. And the license plate of the rock and roll truck that ran us over was .... well. Too tired to figure it out.

So I went home at noon and took a 20-minute power nap and felt better, and now I'm ready for Pilates after another eventful day of Whigging and at the store.

And I'm going to be early tonight.

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