Thursday, September 13, 2012


MY WIFE IS amazing. She's navigated the wide open world of self-publishing, special digital formatting, editing and re-editing. It only took 14 versions to get the Table of Contents to work properly. My new book, Rock N Roll Shorts, is now available.

Click here to purchase the book, a collection of five short stories. Music is the theme and they are works of fiction, but I did base them on real events. One short story is about a guy who gets fired from his band, and the more ludicrous I tried to make it, the more realistic it got.

The book is $2.99 and available only online for now. Use this coupon code, EG26G, and it's only 99 cents. The coupon expires Sept. 30. If you could rate the book on Smashword's after reading it, we would appreciate the feedback. Check out the great cover art by our Cheesy Bass player, Jeff VanKanegan.

Wow. I'm published! Way cool ...

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