Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas list

AND A VERY Merry Christmas to ...

1. Our UPS and FedEx drivers. Not much fun this time of year. You get us our stuff, and we appreciate it, especially the big package of cheese and sausage that just showed up.

2. All the patient people. Our store has been crazy the past few days. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to all our loyal Second String Music customers, new and old.

3. The store owner who just cranked "Big Bottoms" by Spinal Tap. Wait. That was my wife. Thank you, Sheryl.

4. Coach Andy Douglas and his Quincy Blue Devil basketball players, who delivered Christmas gifts and goodies to three deserving families this week.

5. My brothers in rock and roll, The Cheeseburgers. Stay tuned. 2015 could be verrrrryyyy interesting.

6. Matt Schuckman, Stephanie Oitker and Frank Cash from The Herald-Whig, who greeted an old and former sports guy last Saturday night and made him feel comfortable. Just like falling off a bike.

7. The gal who bought her husband Moody Blues and The Knack vinyl albums for Christmas. Can't say who she is - it would wreck the Christmas surprise. Hubby will be happy!

8. Cindy Vancil, who brought Christmas stockings stuffed with goodies for Fast Eddie and our three dogs. Angus chewed on his bone for hours yesterday and was one happy puppy.

9. Grannie Anne Mays, our surrogate mother in the Q-Town. She rocks!

11. You. By the way, I skipped 10 and went right to 11, because, you know, it's one louder. So have a one louder and Merry Christmas!

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