Thursday, December 18, 2014

Weather story

I WOKE UP this morning to discover a blanket of fresh snow on the ground. Beautiful! It's more like Christmas now and a little bit of the white stuff never hurt nobody.

Unless you live in Quincy.

When I first moved here from Michigan, I laughed out loud at the reaction of Quincyans to snow. They panicked and there were crashes and weather alerts and front page stories and grocery stores ran out of milk.

"Uh, this is just another day in September in Alpena," I said.

When I was a reporter, I hated the first snow of the season. It meant you had to duck when you got into the newsroom because the boss always wanted a story, usually on the front page. You couldn't blame him, because that's all people were talking about.

Then I'd have to watch the TV news to see what they were doing - "Snow! We talk to real people about what this means to you!"

GUH. It's making me glad I jumped out of the plane without a parachute a few years ago.

So here is my weather story today. You are welcome.

Not A Reporter Anymore
Hello, Quincy. It snowed. It is still snowing. There isn't much on the ground. It will stop later today. The roads are slippery. Don't cry when you slide off the road. And go get milk and cause panic at the grocery store. The end.

Yup. I still got it.

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