Monday, December 29, 2014

Risk - a different game today

I REMEMBER LONG and drawn out games of Risk when I was a boy. Usually I played with my brothers and usually they beat me. It involved strategy and luck of the dice roll. But I do recall it was a fairly simple game.

Things change a bit in 30 years, eh?

Last night in Calftown at the Hart Manor, we busted out the current Risk game. Sheryl's nephews, Brant and Evan, joined me and legendary gamer Greg Ellery for a rousing battle around the dining room table.

Other than the fact it took a couple of hours for us to figure out all the new rules, it went pretty well. There are now "Objectives" and "Airfields" and winning the game is different - didn't you used to simply squash the other guy and take all his countries?

At least the dice part is still the same. But the game parts are a lot different (Angus says TASTEE!), the map is smaller, there are capitols and cities, and I squint a lot more and have trouble reading the names of all the countries now, too. Or territories, or whatever they are called.

Anyway, it was great fun. I think Brant won. I highly recommend a pint of Goose Island Ten Hills to make the game easier, as well.

Let's do it again! Maybe I can find some reading glasses to see what I'm doing, too.

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